We offer a complete resolution to all your wedding needs!!

At SB we plan and organize all kind of events related to weddings starting from the rokka ceremony to reception and to griha-pravesh. You just let us know your choices and preferences and leave the rest on us. We take the entire burden off your shoulders and make your marriage!! From rokka to tilak or Sagan to chunni to haldi and finally marriage and the vidaai then follows the reception too- we deal in all, not to forget about the invitations and gifts part.

We believe: - You come as a guest dressed in your best leaving the rest to enjoy the fest!!

We offer an array of varied packages that caters to different budgets and different tastes of clients. We have a wide range of service providers and vendors that look into each and every detail minutely so that your occasion turns into a memorable one.

Wedding and Event Planning are very much similar, in terms of effort, if you are busy or if you are looking forward to have a sumptuous and fantastic event planned, we offer our services for any such events like:

We Customize events as per request and budget of client

  • Roka ceremony
  • Engagement ceremony
  • Sangeet ceremony
  • Haldi ceremony
  • Weddingy ceremony
  • Viddai ceremony
  • Reception ceremony

Shaadi Byaah Events