Safety tips/guidelines while being Online

At we strive hard to make your search for your partner safe as well as secure for all our esteemed members.

All profiles put up at are screened for irrelevant and/or inappropriate content by our team thoroughly.

Like we make each and every possible effort to ensure your safety, it is very necessary for you also to keep yourself aware and always take necessary precautions to keep your safety intact.

Some safety tips are laid down for you –

1. Maintain anonymity

You must maintain your safety by initiating contact while expressing interest or accepting/declining and/or calling or messaging by being anonymous and keep your identity concealed till you are sure to reveal it.

2. Create a parallel communication channel

To keep yourself secure enough create a parallel email account, get yourself a new mobile connection and initially communicate through mails. Doubly make sure not to add any personal details in your mails.

Don’t give in to anyone who pressurizes you or seems to be in a hurry and always take your own time.

3. Getting visual

Sharing of pictures does not only provide a visual appeal to the communication but also provides you a fair idea of the appearance and if any detail about appearance has been hidden.

4. Get meet ready

Take your own pace and if and when you are ready to meet anyone you met online in an offline manner. Since you are under no obligation you must get confident enough about the prospective match before meeting.

Make sure it’s a public place where you meet and always keep a friend or relative in loop about the timings and venue of meeting.

5. Keep a close watch

You must always keep a close watch over the actions; ask as many questions till you find yourself comfortable enough to take things ahead. This way you can avoid uncomfortable situations for yourself.

There are just too many people who try to fool or take advantage of other people so it’s in your best interest to look for signs that can save you from landing in such situations.

Always trust your instincts and move ahead.

If you do have an unpleasant experience you can always report it to the authorities.

Grievance Division

In case of any complaint or any other issue regarding a possible misuse, you may follow the below mentioned steps to register a complaint:

- Go to the concerned profile and report misuse against the profile

- The complaint would be acted upon by our Safety Department

- An email would be sent to your registered email address about the receipt of the complaint and the action taken

- You can then always use your profile ID and reach out to our grievance officer by writing for any escalations to assist Delhi Police / Statutory Investigation Agency will Endeavour to provide all possible assistance to the Delhi Police (Cyber Crime Investigation Cell) or any other statutory investigation agency to tackle fraudulent users of, on being specifically instructed by the said authorities to do so.

To Report Fraud or Misuse, Write to us Giving Full Details of Your Case.